Competitive Golf Putting
games at your local bowls club

This sport can be played by anyone, regardless of age, gender or ability, from 8 to 80! If you have a putter you can play!

Competitive Golf Putting
games at your local bowls club

This sport can be played by anyone, regardless of age, gender or ability, from 8 to 80! If you have a putter you can play!


Come and play competitive golf putting games with your friends or family, as part of a corporate group or team building day. We have over fifteen different games that can be played at a bowls club near you.


Queensland Open GolfBowls Championship 2018

The final event of the 2018 season has been played with Clint Sailes taking out the Queensland Open singles title at Club Robina on the Gold Coast. He defeated Mark Bengtson in the final after qualifying number one in his pool in the round robin stages. 

Mark Officer who qualified number one in the opposite qualifying pool was bundled out of the semi's by Mark Bengtson who used his PowerBall to great effect under utmost pressure.

Clint Sailes got away to an early lead in the final and held on to win his first state title in any sport as well as the cash pool and bonus prizes.

Notable participants included AFL legend and ruckman from the Melbourne Demons Jeff White, former Queensland Bull's player Aaron Nye and two time Australian Junior Golf Champion Dylan Campbell.

Thanks to the venue Club Robina who had the greens rolling true and fast for the event which tested all competitors.

GolfBowls Spring Cup 2018

The Spring Cup was recently played at Club Robina on the Gold Coast where the winners were Chris and Ray Maddock who upset their more fancied rivals in the semi and final.

An introduction to GolfBowls

GolfBowls is a new sport and pastime that will hopefully become available to many people throughout Australia and the rest of the world. 

Australia has more than 2000 lawn bowls clubs that are often under utilised by the community and we hope that by introducing golf putting games and hybrid games of golf putting and lawn bowls this will change. 

By people participating in this activity the local bowls clubs will receive more patronage which may well result in better facilities and services for these locations and an improved bottom line.

It could also impact on the improved health and quality of life of people that ordinarily would not be undertaking physical and mental activity. 

This sport will be available to all and as it does not require great physical strength or endurance, participants of all ages, gender and physical capability can be competitive.

We hope that GolfBowls  can be played at local levels socially and competitively, as well as at regional, state, national and international levels competitively.

Golf and Lawn Bowls are played all around the world and there is no question that putting on a lawn bowls surface can help improve putting outcomes on the golf course. 

Many people that previously played golf and have had to cease this activity because of the demands of walking around a golf course or undertaking full golf swings may take up this sport and reap the benefits of having already developed good putting skills.

This is a great social activity as well as being a manageable physical activity that has a high degree of competitiveness for participants.

Currently GolfBowls events are being played at a local level but there are plans for an Australian Championship's to be played in October 2019.

Bowls Club Chairman endorsing GolfBowls!


GolfBowls in Action at the Autumn Cup, Club Robina

Golf Bowls Overview

Two prominent Australian PGA members and a Gold Coast businessman in the construction industry have partnered to create a new and exciting competitive sport and recreational activity for all that is soon to be launched around Australia and the rest of the world. 

Golf Bowls utilises a lawn bowls putting green and golf putting in a number of different games including the traditional scoring system for lawn bowls.

After a number of trial games over a period of a few months involving players from all ages and abilities, it has become apparent that this activity that has plans to become a sport, could rapidly expand. 

There are bowls clubs all around Australia that are being under utilised, that already have very good infrastructure available for developing this game and reaping the rewards. Most bowls clubs have very well maintained greens that are ideal for golf putting and gaming. They have car parking, are usually well located in the suburbs and towns across Australia and have in almost all cases licences for food and beverage service. What many bowls clubs lack is cash flow with mostly an older demographic paying modest annual fees and very little revenue coming from visitors playing bowls or from bar and restaurant activity. 

One of the main objectives of Golf Bowls Australia (GBA) is to set up tournaments at local, state, national and international levels to create interest in playing the game. 

Tournaments can be run in singles, pairs, triples or fours formats, involving men and women and young and old. There will be no discrimination and will be all inclusive as the game does not require strength, speed, endurance or technical brilliance.

In order to play in tournaments run by Golf Bowls Australia participants will need to become a member of their local bowls club in the Golf Bowls division or join through the GBA website. 

Tournament participants will need to have a current Golf Bowls Proficiency Rating which can be delivered by qualified and trained members of the community who will most probably also be members of a bowls club. 

The Proficiency Rating will be required for tournament play to ensure players are at a suitable standard and that they are knowledgeable about the rules and etiquette of the games. It will also allow clubs to match up players of similar abilities for competitive events and will be a proper and effective way of comparing ability much like a golf handicap. 

There will be a cost to obtain a Proficiency Rating with income shared between the bowls club, GBA and the person administering the rating.

Many of the participants in this game will already have high levels of skill developed from playing golf which will quickly transfer to the games played on the bowls rinks. 

Playing Golf Bowls either recreationally or competitively will also have a benefit to those people that will continue to play golf. 

An improvement in distance control and accuracy for long distance putts will assuredly happen completely naturally just from taking part in the activity. This will perpetuate an interest in both sports as people that play golf will want to improve their putting by playing Golf Bowls which will make them want to play golf to see if they have improved their putting. 

Some people that don’t already play golf may find after playing Golf Bowls that they have developed an interest in playing golf because of the skills they have developed elsewhere. Golf Bowls could lead to more people actually taking up the game of golf and it could become an alternative form of playing golf much like Top Golf, indoor simulated golf, Putt Putt and golf driving ranges. 

Many people who are unable to play golf anymore due to injury or age could take up Golf Bowls and become proficient and also enjoy the huge benefits socially and wellness of mind.

The driving forces behind Golf Bowls are long time PGA members Mark Officer from Queensland and Garth Cusick from Victoria as well as Gold Coaster Mark Bengtson. 

Officer and Bengtson played a version of the game at the former’s golf studio on the Gold Coast before testing it out at one of the local Gold Coast bowls

clubs. They had been playing indoors only for a year until they finally took the rules that they had with them to the bowls club who were unbelievably welcoming at the idea. 

The testing and trialling stages lasted for around two months and everyone that played soon understood what the attraction and advantages are.

There is a good deal of skill required in order to putt a golf ball close to a lawn bowls jack but there are also elements of luck and strategy needed as well to obtain good outcomes.

 A standard game of Golf Bowls uses a bowls type scoring system where points are scored for balls finishing closer than the opponents nearest ball. With eight putts being played in either singles, pairs, or fours there are always outcomes decided by both skill and luck with balls getting in the way or collisions of one ball onto another achieving a result. 

Golf Bowls Australia has listed fourteen other games with rules that can be played that are suitable for children, novice players, large groups of players and team events. 

There will be opportunities for golf putting instruction provided by PGA coaches in one on one situations, clinics and corporate events.

 Play can be available during the day and also at night time with the majority of bowls clubs around the country already having lighting.

The opportunity for schools to introduce golf into their curriculum firstly via Golf Bowls is huge as the main resource which is the facility is readily available at a relatively low cost.

 Golf Bowls is one of the very few sports in the world where participants at all ages including families can compete against each other with anyone having an equal opportunity to win. The time required to play is also very manageable and the only equipment required being golf balls and a putter. 

For those participants serious about improving their skills in Golf Bowls there are numerous training aids that can be used to provide feedback including lasers for night time play, gyroscopic devices that attach to the putter to provide information on putter head speed to aid in distance control. 

Golf Bowls Australia has approved the use during competition play of a number of other technologies commonly used in golf learning such as radar and camera based launch monitors and laser range finders. It is also allowable in the current rules to use a long putter that attaches to the body. 

Golf Bowls will be a sport and recreation that will have a very high participation rate because of easy accessibility for players and low cost to play. It will also become a viable activity option for people of all ages and in particular older people who will also benefit from the mental and social value of sport and physical activity. 

To be able to play this sport at a social level all the way through to an elite level will be a tremendous opportunity for children to learn to interact with not only other children but adults from all walks of life.

Golf Bowls Australia has a registered patent filed under the company name Perfectstroke Pty Ltd which protects the company from unlicenced operators undertaking delivery of Golf Bowls games and programs. The rules of all of the games developed by Golf Bowls Australia and Golf Bowls International are protected under copyright. 

Golf Bowls Australia and Golf Bowls International ask anyone that is interested in playing the sport at a bowls club or indeed any bowls club that desires to run events to please contact us to discuss licencing and operating agreements.


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